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PVPCoin Crypto Currency

Blockchain At Its Best

This version of PVPCoin is simply an x-11 crypto currency. Coins are easily mined using your CPU which makes it easy for anyone to acquire PVPCoins. The block reward is 42 coins. The blocks start to half at block 995,000 which also makes it competetive for people who are late to the party. I have premined a very small portion, roughly 1% which amounts to 777,777 coins. The max coin supply with the premine will be 84,357,777 coins.

The future of PVPCoin

In order to consider adding a blockchain into the game, I needed to first grasp, what is a blockchain?

I then had to figure out how to add the blockchain within the javascript envirnement I already created.

Within a couple months of trial and error I came up with a playable version that plays the game, and mines blocks every time a wager is placed.

I then decided to have the game mine a block at the end of each hand played.

I quickly learned that bots might be able to defeat the 'coin roll out' by being able to place unlimited number of bets. To fix this I added a counter, and limited the number of blocks being mined during a hand of play. Players can still place unlimited number of bets in a hand while the blocks being produced are paused.

PVPCoin Test Game

Multi Player

It has taken me a few years to put everything together. The test model has a multiplayer section. It also has a leader board built in. All of this work was done in silence. It took two years of me working day after day to get to the point of having a solid play field. It was only after all of this work that I then set out to see if I could add a coin to the game. I can say I succeeded. But what I learned was that it wasn't finished.

Communications is a vital part of any coin network. My javascript version doesnt have that. Therefor any coins created are simply test coins. What a downfall. Feeling the pain of this learning curve i had to make a decision of either continuing with Socket IO, WebRTC, or make it real by having everything wrapped up into a real QT wallet.

After pain staking months, the decision came after several attempts at forking as I successfully forked DOGE coin. The only draw back I faced now was figuring out where to put the game inside the QT Wallet, and how to keep the design the same. Well after playing around inside the editor I finally figured out I could easily redesign the gameboard.

This brings me to today. At this moment I have a fully functioning QT wallet you can download and mine PVPCoins with. I have this website. I have a server running the first node. The next step is to get listed at, and at least one exchange, possibly and then I will need a block explorer. Then finally, I can get back to coding the game into the new QT wallet so we can realize actual coin production through game play.

Player Stats Page

PVPCoin Player Stats Page

PVPCoin Masternode Setup Guide


888 PVP
Ubuntu 18.04
Windows or Mac OS local wallet
An SSH client
512Mb Ram, 10GB SSD
Set up on a Linux Server

Step 1). PVPCoin Masternode SetUp
Step 2). Script - Getting ready & Getting Wallet
Step3). Detailed MN Setup Instructions

You can create your virtual private server (VPS) within Vultr or within your own Ubuntu 18.04 envirnment
1) To set up a server on your own system for PVP masternode,
2) If you prefer to pay for a VPS then set up a server on Vultr. Regsiter at
2) If Using Vultr log in, create your server choose server location select Ubuntu 18.04 server type and server size. Create hostname & lablel (anything).
3) If using Vultr follow Section 1 and Section 2 set up instructions. Since PVP coin is a fork of DOGE these instruction work perfectly for Vultr

Once you have a working installation of Ubuntu Server running on VirtualBox you will need to install another PVP wallet into that environment. While logged into your VB
download and install PVPCoin

You will create a new PVP address with this new wallet. Send roughly 950PVP from your first wallet to the receive address within your new Vultr, or VB PVP wallet. The wallet
needs 888 for masternode. The extra coins are for the transaction fees. Wait until you have over 777 confirmations and then go to the ( Tools > Debug console ) and type in
this command and press enter, getmasternodeoutputs to recieve your transaction ID. It will have a '0' or a '1' at the end of it. This becomes your output index. Save this to
a text file.


Now that you have the server running, and you have your second wallet running on the server, and your coins have been sent, go to Section 5: Connecting & Starting Masternode and follow the remaining instructions. You will be working with the masternode config file now and when you are finished you should have
saved something similar to these two lines below, in that file.

# Masternode config file
# Format: alias IP:port masternodeprivkey collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index
# Example: mn1 93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg 2bcd3c84c84f87eaa86e4e56834c92927a07f9e18718810b92e0d0324456a67c 0

Fill in the format.
For Alias type something like "MN1" don't use spaces
The Address is the IP and port of your server (this will be in the putty terminal that you still have open).
The PrivKey is your masternode private key (This is also in the putty terminal that you have open).
The TxHash is the transaction ID/long key that you copied to the text file.
The Output Index is the 0 or 1 that you copied to your text file.
[Alias] [IP:PORT] [masternode privkey] [collateral_output_txid] [colleateral_output_index]

Document all the information since you will need it for the config file.
# Public IPv4 Address Is:

# log into 'admin' Ubuntu 0 = dxxxx@edxxxaxxxxxxxx
# log into 'YourUbuntu' Ubuntu Password = serveradmin@edxxxaxxxxxxxx Installed wallet here, and files are stored at home/serveradmin/Desktop/walletfiles

# dxxxx@edxxxaxxxxxxxx:~$ THIS IS YOUR ADMIN INFO
# All the notes for PVPCoin are located at startPVPCoin.txt

# Start up the wallet
# Show Hidden Files, or press Ctrl + H
# you@you-VirtualBox:~/source_code/src/qt$ ./playervsplayercoin-qt

# Location of game files pulled into QT
# Home/source_code/src/qt/game

START THE MASTERNODE: open the debug console and start the masternode with the
following command: startmasternode alias 0 MN1 (Where MN1 is your masternode’s alias)